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One's personality is the result of all the characters and behaviors of his mind. Mind is the man and man is his mind. Everyone has a mind; no one is without a mind. God is assumed to be the supreme principle, but only mind brings the principle of God into the human fold. Such an incomparable and divine mystery is the mind; it is a tricky and slippery principle that cannot be brought into our usual calculations of volume, force, time or distance. The wonderful principle mind is provided for humankind by the supreme powerful principle of the universe:

God, the Nature. Therefore I worship all men and women of the world as divine manifestations.

 As the force and consciousness cannot be separated from the Plenum (the Nature), mind cannot be separated from man. Man has the providential right to deal with his own mind and he enjoys or suffers all the results of his thoughts and actions as benefits or otherwise. Because of the free grant of the mind to man by the Supreme Being, we neglect to properly respect and realize the value of this treasure. Thus, the subject of mind is missing in all fields of life in teaching and research. Because of missing to realize the value of mind in the religions, men are tortured and killed to 'satisfy' and 'save' God. Because of missing the value of mind, the politicians give prominence to 'isms', as mankind remains suffering from poverty, illiteracy, illness and wars. Because of missing of the greatness of mind, the esteemed sciences and scientists have increased the power of killing men in larger numbers in a shorter time". Therefore, realizing and respecting the greatness of mind is essential for all people of the world to enjoy a peaceful and purposeful life.