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Bio Magnetism

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Philosophy of Nature, and science with its creative techno-logy, have immeasurably helped mankind towards peaceful and plentiful existence and development of consciousness. When one considers the lifestyle of mankind in primitive ages, the un-deniable fact is that philosophy and science have marvelously developed, and are still progressing today to enrich the life of humanity.Nevertheless, the benefits of these advances have not been realized through education as an appreciable change in the human personality to lead a life of love and compassion. Well planned education is the life-light for human beings.

The true education should help human beings to sublimate the personality from the animal instincts and aggressive exploitation to a character of friendly, co-operative brotherhood. Obviously, the world has to go a long way to touch that divine concept. This means there is some loophole whereby the benefits of knowledge in philosophy and science are being lost to the majority of humanity.

When Truth or any secret of Nature is discovered by anyone, at any place or time, it is rightfully the property of all mankind; it does not belong to the discoverer as personal property. As every-one is born through the natural evolutionary process and is raised with material comforts, protected and educated by the society; no one has the right to trade any discovery for money or political in-influence. With this concept of natural justice, I readily reveal all the facts of Nature which I found through my revelation. In time of need for the benefit of humanity the consciousness of Nature reveals its secrets through a person who is able to get psychic attunement by adjusting his mental frequency as needed. In this view, the whole of mankind is entitled to an equal share in the findings of philosophic revelations and scientific inventions.

By following this natural justice, humanity would get peace individually, socially and globally. As I am not an academically trained scientist, authorized religious philosopher or linguist I concede inadequancy of language to express my inner vision in writing. Hopefully, my deficiencies of expression may be magnanimously forgiven and later rectified for the benefit of humanity.