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Genetic Centre

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The subject of 'Genetic Centre' is of utmost relevance to the life of mankind. The genetic centre is one of the imponderables of the Universe - as is mind, God (Gravity), energy particle and magnetism. Ignorance about the genetic centre results in loss of happiness health and prosperity for mankind. Still worse, the misunderstandings due to lack of a concept about the genetic centre have and are deteriorating the culture and future prospects of the world. For this reason I stress the crucial importance of this subject and, through this monograph, wish to induce the readers to think deeply and research this subject themselves, so as to arrive at a clear inner vision of the Truth.

At this point, I must express my reverence towards my parents, without whose good karmas I could not have been enabled to understand the greatness of the soul. If there were no trace in me of the good karmas of my parents, I could not have attained the knowledge to ponder such a divine principle. Respecting and invoking the spiritual knowledge of our revered elders of the world, I continue my writing.