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To understand ourselves, the have self realization, we should understand the essentials of spiritual strategy; that is, we must distinguish between ends and means, and must be aware that it is impossible to dissect, explore or mend a delicate wrist-watch with a sledge-hammer. A higher standard of life is not to be evaluated by the acquisition of material quantities or technologies. Success is ultimately a subjective evaluation, the means for which, do not rest neither with the visible nor with material.

To understand ourselves needs no authority either of yesterday or of a thousand years because we are living beings, always moving, flowing, never resting. When we look at ourselves with the dead authority of yesterday we will fail to grasp the living movement and the beauty and quality of that movement. Our mind should be always fresh, young, innocent, full of energy and passion. It is only in that state that one can learn and observe. For this, a great deal of concerned awareness is required as to what is going on in one's mind and life, internally and externally.

Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi's philosophy leads one to develop such awareness based on a coherent perspective of nature, time, space and mind. His philosophy of Universal Magnetism may help to solve the current confusion and mysteries in science, such as: