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My respectful regards and sincere greetings to all intellectuals and scholars, especially to those who are concerned with the welfare of the world. I wish to share with you an idea that has been in my mind for a long while: this is that I should publish the insights that have come to me after deep consideration about the state of the world, and thus fulfil my duty by conveying my findings to the citizens of the world. I am happy that this objective is being realized through this book. It is indeed a sense of fulfillment.

Most of the people of the world are caught up in routine family problems, which cause them plenty of suffering. If they only think a while on these problems, they can find solutions. This should enable them to get out of their problems and lead a trouble-free life. However, a lot of people are unable to find time for thinking out solutions to their problems. It therefore becomes the duty of intellectuals who are concerned about the common welfare to take on this work for the sake of all people.  They should not only find the answers but also convey them to the people with love and compassion so as to be of real benefit to them. Only such a sense of duty has always prompted me to publish the results of my research. Several learned persons  have given the world the results of their findings and thought processes. I appreciate the work of all these intellectuals and bless them. I am also pleased to bless the people at large who read these works and derive benefit from them.